Corey Phoebus

I'd like to think I'm a pretty interesting fellow, but I'll let you be the judge. I was born in Salisbury on Saturday, February 24, 1990. From that point I was able to call Delmarva my home. I grew up in the Lewes area of Sussex County, enjoying all of the natural amenities that Delmarva has to offer. The beach is where I spent a majority of my childhood. I attended Sussex Tech High School. In 2009, shortly after I started attending Del Tech, I was offered an internship position with WZBH in Georgetown. This is where the fun began. I got to learn the ins and outs of radio. The highs, the lows and everything in between which continued to develop my love for radio. When they say you need to work your way up when you start in a company... they aren't kidding. I retrieved coffee, performed radio stunts, and worked over night shifts, all unpaid. When the Program Director recognized my passion and willingness to do the work for free, he offered me a position. I had an evening show from 7 to 12am on WZBH and I made next to nothing, but loved every second of it. Through the years, I moved up the ranks, taking on more responsibilities until I was asked to be a member of the morning show team. A member of the morning show team of my favorite radio station. It was a dream come true. 


I took a small hiatus from radio in 2014. I thought I had to get a big boy job. I thought I could never make a living in local entertainment. This was until 2015. I got a call from an old radio friend of mine. Sarah. We will talk more about her later. She asked if I'd be willing to join her as a morning show host on the areas newest radio station. 102.5 WBOC. Needless to say, I took the job. You see, Sarah and I have worked together previously and we've been friends for a decade, so naturally, there was some familiarity. I've experienced quite a bit of life during my time here at WBOC. I married the woman of my dreams, we bought a house, and started a family with our first child. My wife is friends with Sarah, and I'm friends with Sarah's husband. Over time, as this bond between families becomes stronger, we continue to build and strengthen friendships. This leads to not only some laughs, but also a morning show that projects positive friendships and family based vibes.


You can also see me in action on Delmarvalife, weekdays at 5:00pm on WBOC 16, where I travel around Delmarva to show you how great this peninsula really is. 


This concludes this episode of "Catching up with Corey." Be sure to check out the bloopers of this episode, weekdays, between 5:30 and 10:00am on 102.5 WBOC.